Johnny Nicholas | Shop Manager

The story of how my career started:
It was a scorching hot summer day at the city pool. The year was the summer between 5th and 6th grade. (That's how I relate time back then lol). A low rider mini truck pulls ups with music I could feel in the concrete. I was instantly compelled to confront the driver for more details on what I perceived as pretty cool. From then on, I never missed an issue of "Car Audio and Electronics". Anticipating its appearance on the magazine rack at Walmart every month, I would read every issue cover to cover. Every page. Every word. Soaking up every detail. Even through my high school days I remember everyone had text books out, I would be hiding the lastest issue and studying it instead lol. Sorry Mrs Castlberry. It turns out I was pretty good at installing my friends CD players and my neighbor and family friend took notice. He was a car salesman at the time and seemed to change cars every couple months. He also had a nice Kenwood radio he liked to transfer to each car he when he switched. I was happy to make some cash and our friendship grew. In 1999 I graduated from Eureka Springs High School and the time came to go to college. Music had been my life since middle school band class, and my bedroom was full of directors awards and John Phillips Sousa national acheivment awards etc. Although an extremely successful campaign in vocational skills competition in high school almost steered my life into the construction fied, a path into music always felt very natural. The Fayetteville campus of the University of Arkansas accepted me. My friend and neighbor offered to get me a Saturday job at Thumpers Ultimate Audio in Springdale Arkansas, where a close friend of his was the manager. Of course I accepted and what fun I had. Both in college and at Thumpers. When College didn't work out, I attended NTI technical institute on a full ride from the aforementioned vocational skills completion. I studied electronics and welding. When votech school didn't work out (turns out school and me does not mix) I went full time at Thumpers. The rest as they say is history. Aside from a few short times between jobs, I've been in the professional automotive industry since the summer of 1999.

Honda CRX