Mark Parks | Boss Man

Owner and entrepreneur Mark Parks goes by many names. The closer, Yao Ming, J, the magician,the Ninja, and the Dingaling King. Loved by most and hated by every casino in the state, Mark was voted most popular man in Oklahoma City in a 2017 survey by Panhandle State Monthly Magazine. Ranked the 117,563 most interesting person in the world by Facebook and MVP of the 2015 YMCA basketball championship series.

Mark Parks has built the most successful "started from the bottom now we're here" shop in the metro. The strong loyalty both customers and employees feel for Mark doesn't originate from being treated unfairly. It come from dealing with a friendly, honest and all around great person. Mark is the most giving awesome person I know.

Merch Truck | 1986 Chevy

The Dirty Sanchez | 1991 Suburban

Eyeball Truck | 2009 Chevy Silverado